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Table 2.0: Don’t Overlook This Foundational Data Tool

For an exercise in data visualization, I was given the below table. The goal is to visualize this data in a way that is clear, concise, and engaging. The table reveals an organization’s client portfolio, tiered in some meaningful way and sliced by revenue. The prompt told me to “create an effective visualization.” I tookContinue reading “Table 2.0: Don’t Overlook This Foundational Data Tool”

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How Domo’s COVID-19 Tracker Provided Peace in the Pandemic

Like most of us, I was glued to news websites and social media as COVID-19 swept across the earth. I obsessively tracked daily infections, death totals, hospitalization rates, and recovery rates. Some news organizations presented pandemic data better than others, but I began to grow weary of the confusing and sometimes contradictory data visualizations. Additionally,Continue reading “How Domo’s COVID-19 Tracker Provided Peace in the Pandemic”

Case Study: Gonzaga Is for Real

Originally written for the Gonzaga University School of Leadership Studies. As the marketing and communications manager at Gonzaga University School of Law, I was responsible for everything from social media strategy and execution to magazine content planning and production to digital advertising and graphic design direction. The best part of the job, however, was comingContinue reading “Case Study: Gonzaga Is for Real”

Personal Essay

The Creative Pragmatist My brain is a tale of two cities. I am a lover of the creative, a dreamer with musical and literary aspirations. I am ambitious and impulsive. I have started more projects than I can remember, and I have left more jobs than I care to forget. But there is conflict inContinue reading “Personal Essay”

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