Hands using a braille machine

How Data Visualization Leaves the Blind Behind

Pie charts and bar graphs are foundational reporting tools found in nearly every corner of the developing world. It is difficult to imagine a world without them, particularly our global economy. Though data visualization might be as close to a universal language as we will get, like any communicative tool, there are intercultural limitations. IContinue reading “How Data Visualization Leaves the Blind Behind”

Minimalist table against a blank white wall

Table 2.0: Don’t Overlook This Foundational Data Tool

For an exercise in data visualization, I was given the below table. The goal is to visualize this data in a way that is clear, concise, and engaging. The table reveals an organization’s client portfolio, tiered in some meaningful way and sliced by revenue. The prompt told me to “create an effective visualization.” I tookContinue reading “Table 2.0: Don’t Overlook This Foundational Data Tool”

Young person wearing mask looking at their phone

How Domo’s COVID-19 Tracker Provided Peace in the Pandemic

Like most of us, I was glued to news websites and social media as COVID-19 swept across the earth. I obsessively tracked daily infections, death totals, hospitalization rates, and recovery rates. Some news organizations presented pandemic data better than others, but I began to grow weary of the confusing and sometimes contradictory data visualizations. Additionally,Continue reading “How Domo’s COVID-19 Tracker Provided Peace in the Pandemic”


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