The Musician’s Guide to Digital Marketing

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The Musicians Guide to Digital Marketing offers practical, actionable, and detailed digital marketing strategies for musicians of any background.

Designed for DIYers with an indie spirit, this guide helps elevate online brands with step-by-step strategies and starter templates for content creation, paid ads, campaign conversions, streaming, and more.

Author: Kevin Carr is a writer, digital marketer, and lousy drummer from San Luis Obispo, California. A graduate of the Musician’s Institute of Hollywood, the University of Rochester, NY, and Gonzaga University, Kevin designs and implements omnichannel digital strategies that rock.


“Carr’s book isn’t for the dreamers. It’s for the DIYers, and what it contains is practical, actionable digital marketing strategies to help performers create a brand, a logo, and an electronic press kit, as well as to consider search engine optimization, create memorable artist photos, and develop an effective website.The book clearly and succinctly shows performers how to rule the interwebs.”

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