What Kevin does:

• Leadership for marketing teams
• ABM and B2B execution and training
• Digital strategy consulting
• Content direction and creative writing

Announcing my new book:

The Musician’s Guide to Digital Marketing.

A little more about me:

I’m a creative marketer with B2B confidence, communications leader, music enthusiast, Mets fan, sci-fi nerd, lazy playwright, and proud coffee snob. I love the continuous evolution of digital advertising and the strategic creativity of brand development. I grew up in San Luis Obispo, California and have since lived in Rochester, New York, Coeur d’Alene, Idaho and Spokane, Washington. I’m currently living in Oceano, California with my wife, 4 kids, and a fluffy and needy Goldendoodle named Hudson.

My favorite professional accomplishments include self-publishing a book on digital marketing, interviewing Bill Maher for a magazine, and beating Jimmy Kimmel at his own game. I also founded a music-journalism site called Behind the Setlist.


See the scope of my work in a viewable PDF.

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Kevin’s Resume

Last Updated June 2021

Best Practices for Implementing Intercultural Communication in MarCom

ABM: 1:1 Campaign Case Study

Video Projects

Though video is not my primary function (that would be digital marketing and writing!), I am passionate about video communication. I have helped produce commercials, created a series of shorts, and have consulted on various projects.

Here’s a fun thing I did.

Kevin Carr

(805) 710-2282



• Cross-functional project leadership and management
• ABM and B2B marketing, strategy, execution, and sales team training
• Digital strategy development (SEO, SEM, organic traffic, paid media)
• Content creation, creative writing and public relations

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