What Kevin does:

• Leadership for marketing teams
• ABM and B2B execution and training
• Digital strategy consulting
• Content direction and creative writing

Announcing my new book:

The Musician’s Guide to Digital Marketing.

A little more about me:

I’m a creative marketer with B2B confidence, communications leader, music enthusiast, Mets fan, sci-fi nerd, lazy playwright, and proud coffee snob. I love the continuous evolution of digital advertising and the strategic creativity of brand development. I grew up in San Luis Obispo County in California and have since lived in Rochester, New York, Coeur d’Alene, Idaho and Spokane, Washington. I’m currently living in Oceano, California with my wife, 4 kids, and a fluffy and needy Goldendoodle named Hudson.

My favorite professional accomplishments include self-publishing a book on digital marketing, interviewing Bill Maher for a magazine, and beating Jimmy Kimmel at his own game. I also founded a music-journalism site called Behind the Setlist.


See the scope of my work in a viewable PDF.

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Kevin’s Resume

Last Updated June 2021

Best Practices for Implementing Intercultural Communication in MarCom

ABM: 1:1 Campaign Case Study

Video Projects

Though video is not my primary function (that would be digital marketing and writing!), I am passionate about video communication. I have helped produce commercials, created a series of shorts, and have consulted on various projects.

Here’s a fun thing I did.

Kevin Carr

(805) 710-2282



• Cross-functional project leadership and management
• ABM and B2B marketing, strategy, execution, and sales team training
• Digital strategy development (SEO, SEM, organic traffic, paid media)
• Content creation, creative writing and public relations

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